November 28, 2023

The recent wave of data breaches and cyber-attacks has raised concerns about personal information security. The UK’s elections watchdog and the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) suffered data leaks, causing worries about safety. However, individuals affected by such leaks need not panic. The UK’s Electoral Commission stated that the data they hold, primarily names and addresses, doesn’t pose high risks according to data breach risk assessments. Personal data could potentially be combined with social media information, but this is often time-consuming and more targeted toward prominent individuals.

To protect personal data, changing compromised passwords is recommended, but individuals should beware of phishing emails and only change passwords through official websites. Employing different passwords for various accounts is crucial to limit damage in case of a hack. Vigilance online is important, as a significant portion of scams occur on tech platforms like dating apps and social media. While scams are rising, Barclays urges tech platforms to share responsibility in preventing cybercrime.

Staying safe online involves using strong passwords for each site, avoiding emails from unknown sources, and being cautious when visiting unfamiliar websites. Action Fraud provides a more extensive list of cybersecurity tips for individuals.

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